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Silver Sheen Obsidian Polished Flat

This powerful grounding stone has a calm, cool energy that helps us to be directly conscious of what is directly happening inside us, around us, and to face that reality, without fear or denial. Inviting us to rise up to whatever challenges we are face with, and to make good choices.  It helps jus to realize that thoughts and feelings don't need to be magnified or over analyzed and connects us to both the strength of the earth and the wisdom of the heavens.  Siler Sheen Obsidian also helps us to be more compassionate with ourselves and others, especially if we have a tendency to judge too harshly. Also used to metaphysical healers to help treat depression, anxiety and other mental/emotional disorders.  Said to be helpful for anyone suffering from chronic or long-term illnesses that require a more complex healing strategy.  


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