Embrace the Ethereal Power of Amethyst, the Crown Jewel of Healing Crystals.

A crown chakra crystal, Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in history and used by religious leaders throughout history. It's deep purple hue resonates royalty and is considered a master healer.

Amethyst gives the wearer spiritual protection and balance, and often used in meditation. It is known to help with developing a person’s intuition.

When looking to help with addiction problems or headaches, amethyst is the first choice.

Pro tip: Pair with smoky quartz and clear quartz for pain relief and an all around healing trifecta.

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Clear Quartz

The universal crystal for beginners. Clear quartz helps to enhance the personal energy of the wearer. It helps to protect the wearer from the negative energy around them and protects them from energies that could cause them illness or harm. This is considered the universal crystal because it is used to help to cleanse and recharge all of the other crystals that are often worn.

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Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink stone is well-known for the loving powers that it gives off. This is the stone of love, but more crystal experts see it as self-love, self-esteem, and acceptance of one’s true self. Rose quartz also helps to ward off any resentment that the wearer has in their lives that has built up over time. This stone brings strength to the heart.

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Lapis Lazuli

Realize your potential with the high vibrational energy of Lapis Lazuli. This stone has been valued for thousands of years and a favorite of the ancient Egyptians  to balance the yin/yang, relieve depression and promote relaxation.  Connected to the brow chakra, it supports communication and intuition and encourages innate wisdom, creativity and awareness. Live your true destiny and leave pettiness and stress behind.This is a powerful stone will broaden  understanding of yourself giving aid to those having issues with self-expression and self-awareness. Physically linked to the immune system, thyroid, muscle and skeletal issues.  This beautiful blue stone has rich history of supporting our emotional, spiritual and physical selves. 

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Black Tourmaline

At Salt of the Earth, we have renamed this stone “The Gate Keeper”.  This highly protective root chakra stone is known  to be the ultimate body-guard for its ability to deflect negative energies and promote positive thoughts. It is an excellent root chakra stone to keep you grounded and focused on reality. Black tourmaline should be placed around entrances of your home, office, or room to keep negative energies at bay. Place in your purse, pocket, or car for safety when out and about.  If you are empathic and pick-up energy from those around, it will protect by blocking negative thoughts and feelings that do not belong to you.  This rock star grounds energies and ensures nothing negative is absorbed. Deflect negative energy and return to sender!

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The heavenly color of Celestite  inspires deep peace and happiness. It is the ideal crystal to place in your bedroom to bring tranquility and harmonious energies to encourage restful sleep.  Connect to your angels, divine guidance and gifts, strengthen your faith and intuition.   Celestite is the perfect solution to an overburdened mind. Avoid a toxic cycle of what-ifs and hasty conclusions! Be proactive in the fight against anxiety.

Taking slow breaths with celestite in hand brings balance into the soul. Hold a celestite crystal in your hands in times of stress or grief helps to lift heavy moods, relieve sadness and diminish anxiety. Placed directly on your body, Celestite vibrations brings muscle and stress release to the area in which it is placed.

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