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Shamanic Healing Crystal

Healers call these gems “Worlds Within Stone.” These rare little stones are for gazing and journeywork, for trance and transcending. These exquisite gems can attract angels, encourage forgiveness, bring peace and tranquility, and help lead you on a transformational journey, revealing your inner strength and courage.
Work with these visioning and journeying Shaman’s Dream Stones to connect with your spirit guides, help recall dreams, and deepen your meditation practice. This offering will bring peace, connection, and healing to your unique journey. Get ready to transcend!
Please note each piece is unique and a piece will be chosen for you. Points are available and polished.  Please include your preference with your order. Not listed is an array of larger pieces.  Call for more info. 724-260-0472
We do not recommend using as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not claim they cure or heal medical conditions.
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