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Salt Of The Earth Single Salt Cave Session

Give the gift of a memorable, detoxify and relaxing experience. 
Enter our dimly lit cave and immediately feel the peace  and calm unique to our salt cave.  Over the years, it has grown and evolved into a special place where our clients pray, meditate, release stress, recharge batteries by  simply stepping away from it all for forty-five minutes.  It is good for your mind, body and soul!
Much like breathing salty beach air,  a salt cave session cleanses the respiratory system and aids in detoxifying the body. Our custom built salt cave is loaded with sixteen tons of authentic Himalayan salt which organically purifies the air and naturally produces negative ions.
Wear your comfortable clothing as you relax in one of eight a zero-gravity chairs for forty-five minutes. Schedule a session or schedule with friends. We look forward to seeing you! 
We kindly request guests arrive ten-fifteen minutes prior to start time. As a quiet meditative space, sessions will not be interrupted for late arrivals, nor are items which can cause distractions, such as food/ drink/cell phones and personal belongings. Secure storage is provided. However, some clients choose leave these items in their car. 
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