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Palo Santo Spray

All the benefits of pure palo santo in a spray.  Perfect for a dorm, car, office or anywhere burning is not feasible. Use this ancient Native American wood to rid yourself or your space of low-level energy. Give yourself  and/or your space a few sprays,  and then set an intention to remove any negative energy (aka yucky stuff) and receive all the good life has intended for you. 

Palo Santo has a calming, earthy scent which has been used for centuries by Native Americans and many other cultures throughout the world.   The palo santo used in these products are ethically resourced and generationally harvested by a small village in Ecuador.  The oils used from the wood is pure and potent. 

Palo Santo should only be harvested when branches have naturally fallen from the trees and have laid on the forest floor for many seasons.  Defining "many seasons" often varies from supplier to supplier, and can range from a few weeks to ten years. This is why the quality and potency of palo santo can vary substantially.  The longer it lays on the forest floor, the more intense the oils within the wood become. 

We purchase our palo santo from a young, amazing and kick-*** couple who started their own company.  Based in NY, they travel to Ecuador regularly and have built long-term relationships with local farmers who ethically harvest this precious wood while maintaining the integrity and longevity of the tree. 

We encourage everyone to ensure any palo santo purchased is ethically resourced.

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