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Mangano Calcite Bead Bracelet

Beautiful Mangano Calcite (shown w/ tumbled stone. Sold separately or in gem gift bag).
Mangano Calcite, AKA Pink Calcite, is a heavenly stone of peace and harmony. This Heart Chakra crystal is an excellent choice for healing hearts and encouraging love, as it enhances the flow of energy from our Crown Chakra into the Heart Chakra, promoting feelings of universal love.

It has a gentle, calming energy that encourages us to acknowledge and release past sorrows to make space for new and exciting relationships.

Allow Mangano to encourage compassion for yourself and towards others. Loving yourself increases a sense of self-worth.  Insecurities, and the stress and anxiety associated with a lack of self- worth will dissipate into the universe. Mangano's message is simple.. you are loved and amazing.

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