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Lemurian Quartz

These beautiful Lemurian quartz crystals hail from Brazil.  Each piece is unique and has stunning clarity!  Pricing is based on weight. Additional photos are available upon request. 
Crown And Soul Chakra
Seekers of Wisdom
Ancient Lemurians encoded Lemurian Quartz crystals to safeguard their wisdom and knowledge, placing them strategically worldwide for discovery by seekers of insight. These special crystals unlock higher dimensions of perception and have diverse uses like healing, channeling, and connecting realms. Unique striations known as the “ladder of the gods” distinguish these rare crystals. Embrace Lemurian crystals as uplifting companions; holding one fosters a positive link to the crystal realm. These crystals' healing properties encourage balance, harmony, and stress relief, conveying a message from the universe to those who feel drawn to them.
XL - 90-135 GRAMS
L- 65-90 GRAMS
M 50-59G GRAMS 
SM 30-48 GRAMS
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