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Fluorite Heart

 Treat yourself or a loved one to a unique, elegant token of affection - the Mini Lapis Heart. Its strikingly vibrant design and delicate size make it the perfect accessory to brighten any look.
Fluorite is a powerful crystal, renowned for its ability to soothe anxieties and promote spiritual connections. Supporting both the Heart and Crown Chakras, Fluorite is an essential crystal for those passionate in the realm of crystal healing, and works to alleviate the pressures of the workplace. It encourages its user to draw upon intuitive abilities to garner a broader understanding of the world around them. With its anti-inflammatory properties and EMF immunity, Fluorite stands as a 'Genius Stone' that works to both bring harmony and ground spiritual energy. Ideal for the home or office, this must-have crystal will bring both clarity and perspective.


Mini Fluorite hearts -  average is 2 cm and 9 grams

Small Fluorite hearts  - average is 3.1 cm and 22 grams 
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