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Clear Quartz Tower

Stunning statement piece!  This beauty will not only catch the eye of all, but will fast-track your intention into the universe.
17" 3"x 3" and 9lb 13 oz of GORGEOUS clear quartz. 
Clear Quartz is the ultimate clarity stone and brings a wonderful sense of calm. It clears the mind of judgements and makes room in the head and the heart for abundance and love. It has been used for centuries to enhance spiritual connection and psychic abilities, and assist in expanding one's consciousness. It is considered a "must-have" and ROCKSTAR amongst crystals. It is known to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. It is the most multi-dimensional of all stones and used for meditation, healing, communication and past-life recall.
This stone is a go-to and unparalleled to connect with your higher self to manifest intentions.
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