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Angel Aura Heart

Angel Aura Quartz evokes a sense of otherworldly magic with an inner kaleidoscope of colours, fuelling centuries of associations with divine enchantment. This captivating stone encourages clear thinking and emits a tranquil energy that is oftenhypnotic. Crafted from Clear Quartz and merged with a combination of Silver and Platinum, Gold and other trace metals, in a high-pressure vacuum chamber, Angel Aura Quartz becomes awe-inspiring andvtakes on an ethereal hue, like that of angel wings.

Angel Aura Quartz is a potent source of peace, love and spiritual connection. Its healing powers can transmute negative emotions into positive ones, helping to remind one of their own natural purity and goodness. This remarkable quartz carries an exceptionally high vibration - a messenger of joy, clarity and renewal.

Angel aura quartz supports the heart, throat, and crown chakra's. Use during meditation, place in your personal space, or wear a piece to reap the benefits.

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