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Holiday 22' Four Salt Cave Sessions for $99

New to SOTE, this package is for bringing together friends and family for rest and relaxation in our therapeutic salt cave.  Step away from the turkey, step away from the often dehydrating and busy environment of the mall (no disrespect to the mall), and just breathe the anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial air in our authentic Himalayan salt cave. 

Clients relax in zero-gravity chairs while listening to meditation for 45 minutes in a salt cave session.  Receive four 45 minute sessions, regularly priced at $128  for only $99. Schedule four together,  two people twice , or yourself four times until January 31, 2023 with this awesome special for a relaxing and restful experience.  Just breathe,  it's that simple.  

Want to customize the experience? If so, consider head and neck massage, guided meditation, reiki, crystal bowl sound healing, and crystal classes.  These services are offered with a  private salt cave session for six.  Call for details and we will work with you to create the perfect and personalized event for you and your crew.


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