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Garnet Bead Bracelet 4mm

Sacral Chakra

Love * Passion * Endurance

Garnet is the liaison between love and passion and supports the connection between the heart and physical. Carrying the energies of the fire, garnet is  a symbol of change and transition and supports the sacral chakra.  Wear garnet to find and recognize new love  keep passion going in an existing relationship. 

Garnet is also known as the stone of wealth and has mystical qualities to open up new doors in one's career.  Known for passion. determination and courage, garnet helps one to tap into  qualities. Attract wealth and prosperity by keeping this stone close to one's body or by  wearing a garnet. The stone is said to bring riches and inspires motivation to reach your objective.

Garnet is known to bring courage for self-confidence to recognized one's own strengths and capabilities with determination to move forward.  Be it in love or career, find your path, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams! 

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